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One piece OCs  Mary and Klaus by sirifintland
One piece OCs Mary and Klaus
So... Lately I've been working on loads of One piece Oc ideas.. But I haven't posted them all here yet I want them to be "finished" before I put them here. These two are named Mary and Klaus and are part of a crew yet to be made. 

Epiphet: Toxic Mary?
Age: 33--35
Race: Human
Weight: 60kg
Height: 180cm
Origins: Amazon Lily (island of Woman)
Occupation: Pirate, archer, poisionista (<-- I don't know what it's called, maybe master of poison?)
Bounty: ------- (haven't decided yet)
Haki: Busoshoku Haki (invisable armor)
Devil Fruit: none
Weapons: Poogie (her snake), arrows with haki and different toxic liquids (from mushrooms and plants from amazon lily ex. daft green or body mushroom)
- Busoshoku Haki
   koka (hardening armor, making it black and tougher), making chosen bodypart or weapon harder
   invisable armor, stored inside her arrows (making them usefull against logia fruit users?)
- arrows with venom or gunpowder (stored within the needle at the top of the arrow)
- a form of Geppo, such as the CP9 used as well as sanji to jump in the air
Personality traits:
-strenghts: confident when in battle, compasionate
-weaknesses: insecure about her appearance, 
-likes: Klaus, poisons, 
-dislikes: beautiful woman
-other traits: weird humour, fidgety
-dream: Freedom

Epiphet: none yet
Age: 37--39
Race: Human (dwarf)
Weight: 40kg
Height: 90cm
Occupation: Pirate
Bounty: ------- (haven't decided yet)
Haki: developed after the two year timeskip, Mary tought him Busoshoku Haki (though he isn't as good as her)
Devil Fruit: none
Weapons: sword, Hippo (his snake)
- he fights like the vikings did.
  He does't like to damadge his sword so he avoids slashing of swords and strikes back the attack by hitting the sword with its outside and not edge against edge.
  (it's so hard to explain)
Personality traits:
-strengths: often underestimated by others, quite quick
-weaknesses: underestimates things
-likes: Mary, jewels, fancy stuff, decorations
-dislikes: cocky people, prejudices, bullies
-other traits: loyal, gentleman
-dream: sail the world

they are a couple btw..
so hope you like them. I might change some things in time but this is as far as I have gotten developing them.
One piece OC - Marcel Junior by sirifintland
One piece OC - Marcel Junior
Hi, it's definitly been a while since I posted anything. So lately I've been a lot into One piece, I've been rewatching old episodes too. Well here's an OC I've made. Soon his brother Marcel will be posted too.
As you might have noticed I've tried out digital art and I'm quite happy about the outcome. It's definitly not perfect but anyways. Hope you like it! ^^

btw don't be pissed by my lack of talent when drawing water. I totally suck :/ hehe 
Joseph Morgan by sirifintland
Joseph Morgan
Yet another portrait. This one isn't finished yet. But I felt the need to upload something and I also happen to like it so far. I hope you do too. Comments, favs and critique is very welcome. 
Oh, btw this is the actor Joseph Morgan, He plays the role of Klaus in tvd.
A friend, portrait by sirifintland
A friend, portrait
Soo.. It's been a while. Hey! Hope you've hade or will have a great day! Also I appreciate comments and favs very much. Hope you like this. Heart 
Selfportrait update by sirifintland
Selfportrait update
Okey, so I've continued on this one as well. I hope you like it so far. Hugs!! :hug:

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Hi there, thank you for visiting my page. :D
Well I thought I'd write something about me here.. (obviously)
I'm 15years old and I'm obsessed with manga, anime and lots of other tv shows and series! :) I aslo love to draw, I'm not saying I'm good at it, but I do like it. I draw mostly traditional. I draw realistic and different manga styles. I have also posted some photos here. :meow:
Well I love pairings overall but there are some I like more or less. :D One of my favorite pairings is NaruSasu, even if I haven't drawn any myself, I do like the combination very much! :D for example Yasulis manga.

If you don't ask to much of my poor drawing skill, I will take commisions. I can do commisions from series I know of or like. I will also (if you want) draw real people.
I also welcome criticism! I'll do my best to approve my drawing. :heart:

Check out:
Great friends:

People I admire:…

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hello there, :huggle: you have been watched ^^ You've got some great art!
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I hope you can read it, maybe comment on some pages that get you to thinking or you visually like. And if you want to fav some of it, that would be appreciated too. I have a few wonderful followers/supporters, but not that many. I hope you will like my story. the summary is on the cover page:
The Watchman Series by Catluckey
sirifintland Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
of cours, I look forward to it. Thank you for such a nice comment! You're tvd art is really great!! :heart:
Catluckey Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
:rose: Awww, thank you! I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Oh, I did have so much fun drawing Elena, Katherine, Stephan, Damon and gang. :hug:
sirifintland Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015
Any time Luckey! ^^ so did I :) (and I probably will keep on drawing them :D )
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